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Shopping for a new computer this holiday season? Here is what you need to know!   Every holiday season people get the idea to go shopping for a new desktop/laptop for themselves, or a family member. It’s a wonderful idea, until you get to the store. Once there you realize that you don’t know
It's almost time for another massive update for Windows 10!   Provided you aren't one of the small percent of people who has trouble with it, the update is slated to add some glorious new features to Windows. The update will probably start rolling out some time in September.   We kn
        What is the "new" best upgrade for your older PC?   There was a time, not too many years ago, that if you wanted your older PC to run faster, the be-all-end-all upgrade was RAM. Many people still think this is the case. However, as computers have become faster the new bottleneck
  Computer Repair; The Value of a Second Opinion   People know, by-in-large, they “should” get a second opinion when the issue is medical care, auto repair, or home purchases. What many aren’t aware of, is a second opinion can be just as helpful when shopping for computer repair.   T

Brand New Website!

20/11/2016 12:25:00

Dennis Crouse

After some fantastic feedback from customers, our new site is now live!   The entire site is now more streamlined, mostly taking place on one continuous page. We have also added a HELP button at the top of the site. This button will let those who know they just want some help to quickly install