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New Windows Update, Coming this Fall.

04/09/2017 19:54:59

Dennis Crouse

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It's almost time for another massive update for Windows 10!


Provided you aren't one of the small percent of people who has trouble with it, the update is slated to add some glorious new features to Windows.

The update will probably start rolling out some time in September.


We know what you really want to know though; what new features am I going to get with this update?

{Here is the short list of feature improvements, in order of how important we feel they are.}


Better Control of Windows Updates

Windows will receive a new tool Microsoft is calling "Delivery Optimization Advanced Options", whew what a mouthful! In short though, it is going to give you some control over how much of your network Windows Update is allowed to use.


Protection from Ransomware (Some)

It has been known for a long time that Ransomware likes to attack certain impotant folders on victim computers. Microsoft is now going to include protection for those folders that can be turned on through Windows Defender.


My People

This one doesn't seem like a big deal at first glance, however, the addition will let you choose a few important people to always have easy access to. You will do so by having them pinned to your startbar. We all have that one, or two people that we reach out to constantly so we see this as a productivity tool more than anything.


Action Center Update

There isn't much for detail to give here. All we know for sure is that the Action Center (The thing that pops up when you click on the speech box in the lower right) is getting an improvement that should make important information more easy to find.


Pick-up where you left off

Not much is known about this tool, but we have very big hopes. The idea is, you can be working on any Windows device you are logged into; when you move to another device and log in, Cortana should pop up and ask if you would like to "Pick up where you left off". Presumably, answering yes would restore your current browsing session, and possibly Office documents, to your current computer.


There are FAR more feature planned for this update, but we did promise a short list... for now.