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Friend of a Friend


Returning Customers

Full Service

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Unlimited Everything

$87/m + One Time Design Fee

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Friend of a Friend Computers will sit down and discuss your wesite needs. We can then create a quote for you.

You will know exactly what to expect!

We'll Take Care of It!

Your Website and all of its pages will be SEO Friendly. They will play well with search engines!

Pages are made  to look good on tablets and cellphones!

SEO and Mobile Friendly

Even with the Full Service package, you still receive Unlimited everything. Unlimited Bandwidth, Emails, Images, Blogs, Pages, and Websites.

You Guessed It, Unlimited!


Create Unlimited:

Pages, Blogs, Video Ads, Promotional Images

SSL Certificates, Android and IOS Apps

Email Addresses

Automated Email Marketing

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Unlimited Everything


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Use Drag-and-Drop Tools

Use an Amazing HTML5 Drag-&-Drop Site Builder

No coding or complex rules

Drop what you want, where you want.

(This site was made with the builder!)

Tons of Video Guides

Enjoy Tons of Guides, Support and Walkthroughs

so you are never stuck, or lost.

Website design and hosting options

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Guided Design

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Unlimited Everything

$35/m + One Time $487


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We will purchase your Domain Name.

You will receive 6 Hours of One-on-One Training

where you will learn all you need to know about constructing and maintaining your own site!

Guided Setup & Training

After training, you are free to use the fully Unlimited tools to create as many Pages, Ads as you want!

The Automated Email Marketing is worth far more than $35/m All By Itself!

Still Fully Unlimited

Even if, in your 6 hours of training, there are things you're not sure how to do. The 100's of video guides, walkthroughs, and support forums will make sure you're Never Stuck!

Long-Term Support